Royal Kennel Club of India (REGD.)

(A Canine Governing Organization of India)


The Secretary

Royal kennel club of India (New Delhi)


Dear Sir,

I hereby declare that the dog is my own property and that the particulars given below are true of the best my knowledge. I agree to abide by the rules and regulations of RKCI. The decision of RKCI committee shall stand final on all matter regarding shows, registration/transfer of dogs any transaction regarding breeding/sale of any dog.

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  • Please tell us when your friend came to this beautiful world.
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  • Please enclosed the Breed of your loving friend. It is Important to verify.
  • Enclose here the father name of the dog if known!
  • Enclose here the mother name of the dog if known!
  • Owner/Breeder Details

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  • Certification of dog registration will be delivered to this address.
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  • Usernames is a unique identity for this registration please save the user name for future use & it cannot be changed.
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  • Please choose the registration plan for your pet!
  • Upload Upload documentation related to your dog if available.
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  • I accept the terms & conditions of R.K.C.I