Pet Grooming Services

Every grooming service starts with a visual and physical screening of your pet. We make sure nothing looks or feels abnormal.

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About Our Grooming Services

We work on your pet’s Eyes, Ears, Fur, Skin, Nails, Pads, Teeth & Nose to get your pet neat and clean as possible. We use variety of tools and techniques to groom your pet. Our pet grooming service is flexible so you can decide how you want your pet to be groomed by us. Ones groomer expert guide you about pet grooming it will be easy for you to decide what is best for your pet. We have experienced groomers so they handle your pet with care and love. We first get your pet on the table so that pet can be inspect closely. Here we start brushing the fur, cleaning the ears trimming the nails and trimming the fur if asked, some pets can gets nervous or skittish working with the groomers, while other remain calm and relaxed. Every pet is unique, our groomers are well trained to keep calm your pet, then we carefully transfer the pet to our pet friendly bath tub and wash gently with our prescribed shampoos (By veterinary Doctors). At the time of washing the pet we also look for ticks if found we remove them with our tools or refer to veterinary doctors in extreme conditions. Ones the dog is bathed the groomer dries the pet with dryers and brush the hair so the final cut of hair can be done. We cut hair with extra care around the sensitive areas like paws, ears and eyes. We also provide grooming services at home it saves your time and money at same time. You can contact us for home services. We bring all our tools to your door steps to groom your pet.

We Do

🐾 Bath with trusted shampoos.


🐾 Brushing teeth with special brushes and prescribed tooth paste.

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🐾 Brushing and trimming the fur.

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🐾 Cleaning ears.

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🐾 Trimming nails.

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Special BathBrushing TeethCleaning EarsTrimming NailsBrushing & Trimming The Fur